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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Recordings from Crayfish Ventral Nerve Cord

It seems that there is a dearth of raw extracellular recording data online. To help remedy that, I am posting a collection of recordings I made for a class several semesters ago. These were done with a hook electrode around the ventral nerve cord of the crayfish between the fifth and sixth ganglion (AB5 and AB6 in the figure).
Zip file of the recordings:
The format is a comma delimited text file.

Creating an Interactive Plot in Matlab

The code below creates a plot where the user can draw a series of connected lines. Afterwards, the points chosen for the lines is displayed as an array in the top right corner of the plot.

function cursor_plot_test(points)
%Sets up figure, fig1 is the handle for the figure
fig1 = figure('Name','Cursor Plot Test', 'Pointer', 'crosshair');

%axes creates a plot with axes having the minimum and maximums

%specified in the square brackets

axes('Xlim',[0 10],'Ylim',[0 10]);

%This retrieves the mouse position in the figure whenever it is left

%clicked. The x_pos and y_pos values are scaled to the axes

positions(1,:) = ginput(1);

for p = 2:points
positions(p,:) = ginput(1); %the 1 in ginput means that it will collect

%one mouse click position. If we put in

%2 then it would collect two mouse
line(positions((p-1):p,1), positions((p-1):p,2));


%This is why we kept the handle for the figure, so after we done

%choosing our points we could set the pointer for that figure back to

%an arrow.

set(fig1, 'Pointer','arrow');
%Displays the positions we chose as a matrix

text(7, 9.5, sprintf(' X Y \n')); %springf takes in a formatted string
%and outputs it as a string

text(7, 8.5, num2str(positions)); %num2str can convert an array into string

The M-file for this project is at:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Odd spam email

I recieved a spam email today that had the following text:

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try pane try charlotte

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Old Scientific American

While studying in the library, I came across back issues of Scientific American going back to the 1850s. I decided to take some pictures of them and post them.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Glitch Samples

This set of samples was created from a drumbeat I had made in Reason. The "glitchy" sound came from putting the beat through effects in Audacity. The effects used were redux, beat repeat, and a bandpass filter.

CORRECTION: The program used was Ableton Live, not Audacity.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quadrupedal Walking Robot

This is a picture of a quadrupedal walking robot I built a couple summers ago. Its purpose was to go over simple obstacles and hopefully climb stairs. However, because it was a power hog and the servos did not have a good torque rating it needed to be tethered to a power supply. Once I realized that it would cost me several hundred dollars worth of high quality servos and rechargeable batteries to have it perform as desired the project was dropped. The one video I have of it walking was taken before the knee joints were completely added. Later I realized that the knee joints could not bear the weight of the bot and so they were never fully implemented. The link below is for the video of the bot.

Parallel Port Breakout Board

Here are some pictures of a parallel port breakout board I am making. The board was made in anticipation of building a data aquisition board that will interface to my parallel port.Blue wires = ground
Yellow wires = control
Green wires = status
Red wires = data

This was taken at home. I gave it a plexi base so that the wiring would not be exposed to the "elements" of my desk.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I was browsing youtube and found this guy who goes by the name treesleeper. His music is very idm, to the point of it being archetypal. While some parts can get a little boring he has a good sound overall. Check it out at He also has a myspace at

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Parents Art

Thought I would show off my parents art work.

Temptations & Necessities, 70" x 51", 1979, acrylic on canvas

"Headley's art is an art of convergence and displacement; flaunting its idiosyncracies and boisterous in its unpredictable profusion. He seems neither content with nor contained by the singular incident, preferring instead the restless intercourse of a turbulent aesthetic. He is likewise unwilling to accept or comply with the incestuous and labyrinthine principles of art historical evolution on the contemporary scene. Headley's unselfconscious transgressions may well be a catalyst to the enrichment and expansion of American painting. "
- DAVID HEADLEY by John Deckert, Arts Magazine, 1981
Indian Summer, 2005. Acrylic on canvas. 18.50 x 19.50 inches

"Weather dominates landscape in the most seductive manner. It is nature at its most abstract--most violent, most serene, most mysterious, most prosaic--and it mirrors the changing emotional landscape within me. My painting practice is to work with watery pigments, I pour sweep, brush, drip, and fling layers of paint like clouds scudding across the sky. I coax pools of paint into translucent veils of color. Anchoring these ephemeral elements are gestural tree limbs, horizontal water marks, stripes and blocks of color."